What value can GIS bring to Water Conservation and Planning efforts?

According to waterworld.com, "Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has added an entirely new level of functionality and opened the world up to a wealth of information."  With water and water policy always in flux, our GIS consulting services will help your project or agency document water sources, measure capacity, and generate maps that can be shared among your water networks. Whether you are meeting storm-water regulations or monitoring flooding, conservation, and storage, we can implement a custom GIS solution to serve your project’s needs.

We understand the role water management will play in regional planning decisions as cities and municipalities grow and evolve. We're committed to being part of the solution to water management needs. We are also proud to say that we are graduates of the San Diego County Water Authority Citizens Water Academy.

GIS Modeling for Stormwater Management

GIS Modeling for Storm Water Management. City of San Diego Stormwater

Evari is supporting the City of San Diego Transportation and Stormwater Department's As-Needed Civil Engineering and Consultant Services for Municipal Stormwater Program. As part of this $21M project, Evari provides data collection, compilation and analysis services for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, in addition to green infrastructure and water quality modeling. 

Due to the expansive nature of this contract, there are many stakeholders, and many sources from which data is derived. This is where GIS comes into play, creating a single, accurate operating picture for all stakeholders to reference. In an effort to provide one coherent library of data, Evari has supported the compiling, rectifying, and collecting of data as necessary from a variety of sources including aerial imagery, digital elevation models, street view imagery, engineering drawings, site surveys, and in-field data collection.  Evari is happy to provide a similar solution for your storm water project.


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