The City of Santa Fe's Renewable Energy Planner, John Alejandro, walks through Evari's process and the value that a comprehensive street light inventory brought to the Public Works Department of Santa Fe. Head to to learn more about Evari's services, or call (858) 314-9447 to inquire directly.

Evari is supporting the City of San Diego in deploying the world's largest smart city Internet of Things sensor platform in three key ways:

1. Evari collected the GIS data for all of San Diego’s existing street light assets, upon which the nodes will be installed.

2. Evari used geospatial analysis to inform intelligent node deployment based on a series of key factors, such as traffic counts and crime statistics.

3. Evari is conducting a parking classification study. The data collected will be used to inform an IoT parking management solution.

City of San Diego Street Light Conversion Design-Build Project: Evari GIS has configured a system to provide streamline communication and payment on a $23 Million project to replace approximately 40,000 cobra head street lights across the City of San Diego. Evari is partnering with a local electrical contractor, Southern Contracting, to facilitate this conversion.

Evari is supporting Chicago Smart Lighting Program, which is the largest street lighting conversion project in the United States, by conducting all initial audit data and facilitating controls integration.

Phoenix streets are now shining a bit brighter. Evari completed a full audit of 100K+ street lights for the City and Ameresco.