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Evari GIS is a highly effective team of GIS Professionals, Systems Architects, Cloud Computing Specialists, GIS Analysts, Field Managers and GIS Technicians.


Ari Isaak, GISP, Evari GIS consulting, Inc.

Ari Isaak, GISP
Founder and CEO

Mr. Isaak helped build the Evari GIS team from one (himself) in 2009 to its current size of 20 employees. He has worked with the ESRI technology stack and related technologies for more than 15 years . His interests include cloud architecture, web server administration, municipal street and roadway lighting, driving a common operating picture and streamlining access to enterprise geographic data in diverse and dynamic organizations. With his real-world knowledge, Ari has proven his ability to align GIS technologies with a business’ unique needs. He has comprehensive experience creating data, presenting compelling cartographic documents, and developing enterprise scale solutions applicable to a wide range of disciplines.

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Technical Team

Evari’s technical team handles GIS Administration, Systems Architecture, and Custom Development.

Tyler Packett, Technology and Innovation Lead for Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Tyler Packett
Technology and Innovation Lead

Tyler Packett leads the Technical team and works to ensure that Evari continues to provide innovative and advanced technical solutions to meet its clients' needs. Tyler has a undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of University of Hawaiʻi Hilo and a masters degree in Homeland Security focusing on GIS and its role in disaster management/response. With a background in humanitarian disaster GIS as well as low cost open source GIS solutions, Tyler is able to rapidly adapt to changing technology and situations. In addition to his humanitarian experience, he has  worked in the administration of large city level GIS systems via his work as a subcontractor for the city of San Diego.

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Carl Sorenson, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Carl Sorenson
GIS Administrator

Carl has extensive experience managing street light auditing projects, organizing field crews, and optimizing mobile ArcGIS applications for in-the-field use and assessment. He has worked on Evari projects for important clients like Siemens and Southern Contracting, in San Diego and Cape Cod. Carl graduated with a BS in Geography from Arizona State University in 2013, and is an Accredited Technical Professional of AWS (Amazon Web Services). He is interested in leveraging AWS cloud computing solutions, ESRI JavaScript API, ArcGIS web app builder, and mobile GIS applications to meet the needs of clients.

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Tim McVey
Project Manager and GIS Analyst

Tim brings experience managing many of Evari’s projects working alongside valued clients including Ameresco and PG&E. He holds a BA in Geography with a specialization in GIS as well as a minor in Business Management from Central Connecticut State University. Tim is interested in developing apps and other methods to simplify GIS and empower end users to better understand and use GIS data. He has also contributed to the GIS world as a presenter at the annual NEURISA conference in Sturbridge, MA. Tim greatly enjoys travelling and staying active, whether it be skiing, basketball, or exercising in the gym.

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Operations Team

Evari’s Operations Team executes work, conducting GIS Analysis, manages projects and interfaces with clients.

Kevin Volz, Operations Lead

Kevin Volz
Operations Lead

Kevin is Evari’s most recent hire. We’re excited to have him. Bio coming soon.

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Josh Edge, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Josh Edge
Project Manager and GIS Analyst

Josh has considerable experience on electrical auditing projects, both as a manager and field technician. He has worked on Evari Projects for important clients like Ameresco and Lumen Light Solutions, in Phoenix, AZ and Westchester, NY. Josh holds a B.A. in Geography with an emphasis in GIS from University of California, Santa Barbara. He is interested in utilizing GIS tools for transportation planning to generate an approach towards more efficient and sustainable methods. In his free time, he enjoys solving puzzles, photography, and staying active.

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Seth Fiengold, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Seth Feingold
Project Manager/GIS Analyst

Seth gained extensive experience auditing streetlights in both rural and densely populated cities before taking on a project management role. His experience managing field crews in high crime areas around the city of Chicago has proven his ability to approach projects which have increased safety concerns. Seth holds a B.S. from Indiana University in Geological Sciences with a minor in Physics. He enjoys exploring new cities, spicy foods, and is interested in how GIS can help support our energy infrastructure as it undergoes changes to accommodate population growth.

Seth’s Resume coming soon

Jessica Sanchez, Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Jessica Sanchez
GIS Analyst

Jessica is a University of California, Los Angeles graduate with a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies and a minor in GIS. Jessica is interested in effectively using GIS tools to support urban planning and environmental management. Any type of development needs to take into consideration the ramifications of their projects and she hopes to use GIS to inform both decision-makers and the public to help find the most efficient and sustainable action plan. She enjoys solving jigsaw and sudoku puzzles, hiking to waterfalls, and painting.

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Michael Torre
GIS Analyst

Michael is interested in using GIS to support the conservation of a variety of natural resources. His interests range from landscapes and vegetative communities to water management and dark skies (particularly those impacted by the growing need for outdoor lighting). He holds a B.S. in Ecological Restoration from Humboldt State University with a minor in Wildland Soil Science and a certificate in Geospatial Analysis. His experience includes supporting multiple large-scale street lighting audits for Phoenix, AZ and PG&E. Michael is involved in a variety of analyses including lighting design and stormwater infrastructure cataloging. In his free time he enjoys fishing, biking, and traveling.

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Financial Team

Evari’s financial team handles invoicing, insurance, human resources, and business management.

Eva Friedberg, Ph.D. Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

Eva Friedberg, Ph.D
Business Manager

As the business manager, Eva manages finances, hiring, and daily logistics coordination. Her organizational and business skills and her passion for spatial analysis have helped make Evari a successful company. Before joining Evari's team she worked as an adjunct faculty at the University of San Diego and Woodbury University teaching courses in architecture history, urban studies, and landscape theory. She has published and lectured on the history and politics of urban design and architecture. Eva holds a B.A. from University of California Berkeley, and she earned an M.A. (2004) and Ph.D. (2009) in visual studies from the University of California, Irvine.

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Colleen Quinones
Accounting Administrative Assistant

Colleen’s bio is coming soon!

Business Development/Marketing Team

The Business Development/Marketing Team pursues work, coordinates proposals, and manages Evari’s marketing efforts.


Kristie Ashby
Business Development and GIS Analyst

Kristie has experience managing field crews and developing project standards for clients in Northern California, Chicago, Phoenix, Connecticut, and Riverside.  She holds a B.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles in Environmental Science with a minor in Conservation Biology. Kristie is interested in combining the technical and creative elements of GIS to provide a means for clear communication and better informed decision making. Kristie supports Evari's business development, marketing, and proposal coordination efforts. She enjoys hiking and playing music in her free time.

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Team of GIS Technicians