Evari GIS Consulting, Inc. leads the lighting industry in implementing GIS solutions to better understand and manage assets, facilitate energy efficiency retrofit projects, and implement smart lighting solutions.


At Evari GIS, we specialize in getting data right. We understand Public Works Directors, ESCO's, Lighting Designers, Utility Companies and their counterparts rely on accurate and complete data for their decisions. When it comes to streetlights, we find that many asset managers do not have bankable data for making sound investment decisions. 

It is crucial to understand how many assets are owned, where those assets are located, and what their key attributes are (like luminaire wattage and fixture type) in order to make the best investment decisions for communities. We pride ourselves on data-orientation, data collection leadership, and asset management for the lighting industry.

Street Light Audit Team

We have managed data for 1 million street lights to date.

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