Data is the backbone upon which all decisions are made. The quality of that data helps to determine the quality of the decision.

Specifically when it comes to streetlights, we find that many asset managers do not have bankable data for making significant investments. It is crucial to understand how many lights you have, where they are located, to whom they belong, and what their key attributes are (like luminaire wattage and type) in order to make sound purchasing decisions.

At Evari GIS Consulting, we pride ourselves on being data folks. We have become the leader in collecting data on street and roadway lighting to ensure that cities, utilities, and prime contractors can make confident purchasing decisions and invest in their communities' infrastructure.

No job is too large or small for Evari. We've serviced South Ogden, Utah with a 400 light inventory, and we've serviced over 325,000 lights throughout the City of Chicago. We are committed to working within your project needs.

Read about some the streetlighting projects Evari has supported:



Streetlight Conversions

Streetlights exist at every corner of our lives—spatial in nature, they are most intuitively and effectively managed using a map-based interface. This makes GIS an indispensable tool for collecting, managing, querying and reporting data about streetlight assets.  As LED street lighting technology has progressed, municipalities and utilities are finding that by converting their street lights to LEDs,  they are using just a fraction of the electricity used in sodium lights. The energy savings can in turn be used to pay for conversion projects themselves. Also, since LED bulbs last longer, costs and time associated with maintaining and replacing lights goes down significantly.

Evari is a professional services firm that develops systems aligned with specific project goals. We are not interested in managing or financing construction projects. This makes us a more natural partner than firms who may compete with primes they are working for.


Why Smart Streetlights

In the past, streetlights only communicated to us that it was time to come inside for dinner. Now, with the integration of smart technology, street lighting assets can monitor air quality, availability of curbside parking, light condition, and even if gun shots have been fired nearby. How's that for an investment in your community? We work with cities, agencies and utilities throughout the country to create networks for smart streetlights.


City of San Diego Streetlight Conversion


Do you need an inventory or investment grade audit of your streetlight assets?

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