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Emerging technologies like connected lighting and intelligent IoT sensors open up solutions to a variety of society's largest challenges–from improving energy efficiency to increasing pedestrian safety.

We use GIS to facilitate Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), and controls-based solutions. Leveraging the Esri Technology Stack (ArcGIS) and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing platform for a broad range of municipal applications, we empower decision makers with the crucial information needed to move forward with making their cities safer, smarter and more resilient.

How do we use GIS to power Smart City Solutions?


1. we Understand the assets

Having accurate, transparent, and current data is crucial for a successful IoT project. Evari has a team of trained GIS technicians who are experienced at collecting the necessary data, whether the project involves installing intelligent nodes on streetlights, deploying 5G on powered utility assets, or installing smart-flow meters in storm drains. 

Internet of Things: GIS Data Collection
Internet of Things: Data Integration with Controls

2. we Facilitate the 'Handshake'

Evari has helped facilitate GIS-integration for the largest adaptive, IoT streetlight control system in the United States—350K smart streetlights in Chicago, IL. Evari staff is capable of building a schema which ensures seamless integration between the freshly collected GIS data and the intelligent system that you are implementing.

Internet of Things: GIS Driven Deployment

3. we help you to Locate Intelligently

It's time to roll out the IoT Solution! Where do you put your nodes or sensors? Evari will conduct a robust GIS analysis, considering pedestrian safety, traffic, parking enforcement, crime, or any other factors that are relevant to the project at hand. This will ensure that your IoT solution is utilized to its fullest capability.


Above: Intelligent Node Deployment for the City of San Diego

We are supporting an ambitious smart city project which aims to deploy smart sensors on street lighting assets throughout the City of San Diego. These intelligent nodes form a Internet of Things (IoT) network that  monitors and enforces public safety and enables a smart parking and traffic solution. Evari is integral in selecting optimal smart node distribution throughout the city of San Diego based on a series of crucial geographic factors.

Left: IoT Streetlight Integration for the Chicago Smart Lighting Project

We are subcontracted to complete the initial field audit and all related data management and IoT integration on 325,000+ street lights over the course of a 219 day period in support of an energy-saving streetlight conversion. Evari is supporting GIS data integration with Silver Spring Network’s adaptive lighting control system for the largest street lighting upgrade project in the nation.