Smart Sensor Deployment, Enterprise GIS Data Management, and RFP Support

  • Client: City of San Diego

  • Prime: Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.

  • Timeline: multi-year contract

San Diego LED Lighting Conversion

Initially subcontracting to Southern Contracting, Evari GIS Consulting completed a $16.03M project to convert 34,600 LS2 cobra head street lights from HPS and LPS to 12 different GE induction fixtures across 325 square miles in the City of San Diego. The project was in compliance with groundbreaking dark sky initiatives where 3000K fixtures were installed within a 30-35 mile buffer of local observatories. Evari reconciled data from various inventories, a service that was required to meet criteria for collection of energy efficiency rebates. The data is shared via a read-only website, enabling the City and contractors real-time insight and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Upon successful completion of two separate competitively bid street light conversion projects (for which Evari GIS Consulting provided GIS support as a subcontractor to Southern Contracting and won an Exemplary Systems Award) the City of San Diego Environmental Services Department contracted directly with Evari to provide staff augmentation. Evari GIS is in the third year of this annually recurring contract. Under this contract, Evari provides Request for Proposal (RFP) Development Support, Intelligent Node Deployment Support, and a Comprehensive Curbside Parking Audit. This parking data will be incorporated into the City's new City IQ Nodes, which will be used to improve parking conditions in San Diego. 

The city of San Diego is deploying the world's largest smart city Internet of Things sensor platform with help from Current and AT&T. San Diego will collect real-time sensor data across the city using Current's CityIQ™ sensor node technology which will be installed on 3,200 of the city's street lights.