We provide Enterprise GIS Support from start to finish.

Everything from mobile GIS data collection to Enterprise geodatabases and public-facing web applications used by major US Cities, Utilities, DOTs and Corporations - our team has the skill and expertise to manage the hardware, networking, security and data integrity for your project.

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Systems Architecture

Evari GIS supports cloud-based architecture, which enables rapid scaling to meet any project’s demands.

Database Design/Best Practices


GIS for Server


Full Suite of Esri Apps

  • Collector


Robust mobile data collection application. Evari GIS uses Collector to collect street light asset data, for example.

  • Survey 123


Simplified and intuitive form-based mobile data collection. Great for capturing survey data in the field.

  • Workforce


about workforce

  • Story Maps


Multimedia tool used for communicating spatial concepts, engaging, and inspiring audiences.



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